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Advent Week 4: Hope for Love in Seasons of Fear

This week Randy shares about the love we find in Jesus. Listen to his message and reflect on the following questions as a family or in your journal. Then make a list and pray over these things throughout the week.

  • Where do you need love?

  • Are there others around you who need love?

  • How can we extend love to a broken world?

Kids Corner:

In this week’s activity you will have a competition to see who can find love first! Go around your house and find different items on the list. After you find each item, talk about why you like or love that object. Even though you have to look to find some of these things, we don’t have to look hard to find someone who loves us unconditionally. God loves you and me unconditionally, and that is something that will never change!

Advent week 4
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