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Advent Week 3:Hope for Joy in Seasons of Sadness

This week Ashley shares about the joy we find in Jesus. Listen to her message and reflect on the following questions as a family or in your journal. Then make a list and pray over these things throughout the week.

  • Where do you need joy?

  • Are there others around you who need joy?

  • How can we extend joy to a broken world?

Kids Corner:

In this week’s activity, you will have to work together to find Joy. There is a path to joy, and as a family you will have to twist and turn until you get to the end of the maze. This will be a reminder that joy comes from God, and we can find Him no matter where in the maze we are. When you finish the maze, share a picture on social media with the tag #hopeculture so we can see how you did!

Advent Week 3
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